Saturday, December 1, 2012

You Think This Story's Over, But It's Ready To Begin

The Kettle Moraine 100 is June 1st and 2nd, 2013.

If I train right, eat right, and work hard, I will be able to run the Kettle 100, hereafter known as Kettle.

If I am able to run Kettle, I will be the luckiest girl in the world.

So, let's do it!

On my way out to my home trails at Lapham Peak State Park, I heard the Beastie Boys' Paul Revere.  It always makes me smile (in fact, the DJ on 102.1 said something like, "You can get punched in the face, and you'll still be happy because Paul Revere's on!" And she's not wrong).  But that line, "You think this story's over but it's ready to begin," really stuck out to me.  I had a rough autumn running season, and I thought for a second I might be done ultrarunning.  NOT SO!  Game on.  The training plan starts today, and I did a nice easy 6 on the trails.  I feel blessed to be able to run the park trails because once the snow falls, they are dedicated for nordic ski use, and I'll have to stay on the Ice Age (which I love, so.)  It was about 50*, the park was packed, and the vibe was good.  Get it, girl.

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